Dar Al Fannana

We have been very quiet recently.

The pandemic brought all of our planned trips and treks to a sudden halt last year and it has not been an easy time for everyone in the desert regions, people and camels still need to eat, and tourism is the mainstay of most local people and businesses here.

But we are starting to hope there will be a chance to travel at some point this year and we are beginning to make progress with preparing the house we bought in M’hamid last year just before the pandemic hit to receive guests once Morocco reopens to travellers and tourists.

Refurbishing the Salon using traditional methods

It’s a slow process with pauses for further fundraising along the way but the pause in other activities also means we have time to make it special for you. The refurbishment is being carried out with traditional techniques wherever possible to be in harmony with our desert home and as eco friendly as we can make it.

The house (Dar) will be called ‘Dar Al Fananna’ (the artists house).

Some of the work Katherine has made in Morocco or inspired by her time here

Katherine will be running art holidays and retreats from here as well as it being the base for our camel treks and a B&B guest house. We aim to make it feel a very special place to stay. there are only a few rooms so guests will basically be staying in a traditionally decorated and furnished Moroccan home, with Moroccan hospitality of course!

The house also now has a small garden, (thanks to some hard work by Abdol, desert gardening is a challenge!) we can grow fresh herbs and a few vegetables and flowers with just enough space to sit in the shade for Atay (tea) we will continue to improve this and have just acquired some lemon trees. We will also be working on the roof terrace later this year, it will be perfect for watching the sun go down over the desert as we are the last house before it…

Beans, courgettes and mint for tea are growing already!

There will of course be delicious home cooked Moroccan food too…

Abdol makes great Tagine…

We look forward to welcoming you back to the peace and beauty of the desert soon. (As do Sami and Salim our camels 🙂)

Sami and Salim with Katherine

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