A Camel of our own…the first of a caravan hopefully. 

Good camels are an essential of desert trekking, they carry everything we need for our trip. The tents and bedding, the food supplies, cooking utensils and water to last us for days in the desert. They are with us day and night and anyone travelling with them gets to know them well. 

We have always hired camels in the past, and will still be hiring some of them but this January we bought our first camp Sahara camel, he has been named Sami by Katherine, which is an Arabic name meaning ‘elevated’ or ‘sublime’ we don’t usually give individual names to camels, referring to them more often by their colour, but she was insistent! 

Sami, as you can see, has a lovely smile! He also has a gentle temperament which makes him perfect for working with visitors. He is already earning his keep and you will certainly be spending time with him when you come on one of our desert trips. 

We are currently looking for a second camel as they do not enjoy living alone and although his yard is cosy he has no friend just now…

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