The amazing Sandfish 


The brilliantly named ‘Sandfish’ (Scincus scincus) is a small lizard typically about 4 inches long that is native to the Sahara desert. 
This little golden lizard has a long, wedge-shaped snout it uses to quickly burrow into the sand to escape from predators. Its body has flattened sides and is covered with smooth, shiny scales. Its legs are short and sturdy, with long, flattened toes and a tail that tapers to a point. 
When startled they dive into the sand and literally swim through it, with their little legs pressed against the sides of their bodies. No matter how fast you are at digging the chances are they will be long gone before you even start!

They probably use the same technique to ambush the insects they feed on and of course it is also a good way to get out of the hot desert sun…



The only time I have ever seen one up close was when we found one hiding in a piece of firewood we had collected for the evening campfire, smooth, beautiful and glowing a little in the firelight. We released it back into the sand to swim another day, and I always check the firewood has no passengers now…

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